Tallow soap and tallow cream in a Amber glass jar

Our tallow rendering process and why its the best!

There are a few important features to note when looking at Naked Tallow's tallow rendering process which makes our tallow skincare pure, clean and high quality. Every meticulous step we take is to ensure we provide only the best for our customers- who are our community!!

It begins with a foundation of purity with stainless steel bowls & utensils alongside glass equipment. Unlike plastic, which can degrade over time and potentially release harmful compounds, these materials ensure our tallow remains uncontaminated. Our chopping boards are wooden and free of plastic to reduce microplastics in the final tallow cream product. This speaks to our eco/earth friendly values, keeping gentle to the planet.

Water is a critical ingredient in our tallow creation process. We wet-render our tallow to help reduce any naturally occurring odors in the organic beef suet and to remove as many impurities as possible. Tap water, however, contains a cocktail of contaminants, ranging from chlorine and heavy metals to pathogens and organic substances. Using tap water to render can create harmful byproducts with potential health implications. By filtering our water we ensure that these contaminants don't compromise the quality and safety of our tallow. This is just one of the steps we take to offer tallow skincare that is free from unnecessary additive and harmful agents.

To further elevate the quality of our tallow we like to incorporate high quality Celtic salt during the rendering. Unlike regular table salt, Celtic salt is high in minerals that have many benefits. Such as magnesium, potassium and calcium, along with a magnitude of trace elements that are infused into the tallow.

Once our tallow has been rendered and cleaned 4 times the water is fully removed from the tallow and it combined with natural oils, butters and waxes to create beautiful tallow balms, oils and tallow creams. These are packaged in glass bottles and jars with glass or aluminum lids that are chosen for their eco-conscious nature whilst steering clear of plastics.

Our unwavering commitment to sustainable, eco friendly and low tox practices is in line with the values of our Naked Tallow brand. When purchasing our tallow skincare, you're not only choosing a superior high quality tallow; you're choosing a brand that respects both you and the planet.



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